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Mighty Safaris works with more than 1,000 licensed tour operators to give you the best option for your dream safari. Don't wait!

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Our partners at FlyClever provide Business and First Class transport from many US and European airports to Africa at prices that are closer to an Economy ticket.

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Mighty Safaris is part of the Bluusun LLC - at Mighty Travels we have saved consumers millions of dollars in travel expenditures since 2013.

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Mighty Safaris makes booking a safari incredibly easy.

Can it be any easier? We spent ours searching for a safari for our honeymoon - Mighty Safaris solved it in 24 hours.

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We had 5 tour operators contact us right away with offers that were much below what we could have found on our own.

Alisson Blake - San Francisco, CA

I will never foget that giraffe peaking into our car!

Lily Aldrin - Denver, CO